O.J. Simpson Agrees With Trump on Colin Kaepernick’s Protest, but I’m Going to Need O.J. to STFU About Everything Black-Related

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Unless O.J. Simpson wants to talk about running a football in the ’70s, or how he handled himself in prison, or how he fooled everyone into thinking he was black during the trial of the century, I’m going to need him to shut the fuck up about the work that Colin Kaepernick is doing.


Currently, Kaepernick is without an NFL home because white people and Jason Whitlock turned the former quarterback’s protest about the killings of unarmed black men, women and children into a protest against the flag.

White America has a history of making black protest un-American. That’s just kind of what it does. White America acts as if Kaepernick pulled a Josh Howard. Who is Josh Howard and what did he do? Well, Howard had the blackest response to the national anthem ever and in turn became the most blackballed, keeping-it-real professional athlete who never gets talked about in this debate over disrespect and the anthem.

The former Dallas Mavericks small forward was caught on video saying, during the singing of the national anthem, “Right now the national anthem is playing and I don’t even celebrate that shit.”

Kaepernick didn’t do this. He didn’t curse the anthem, as he could have. He took a knee during the anthem in an attempt to bring awareness to the hypocrisy that white America has when it comes to black death.

For some reason—and I don’t know if it’s because O.J. still believes he’s not black, because he’s O.J. or because he doesn’t have anyone around him to tell him to shut the fuck up—Orenthal James Simpson, aka Big Khloé’s father, decided that he was going to open his fresh-out-of-prison mouth to speak ill on the gawd, Colin Kaepernick.

“I think Colin made a mistake,” O.J. told the Buffalo News. “I really appreciate what he was trying to say. I thought he made a bad choice in attacking the flag.”


Umm ... OK, O.J., he didn’t attack the flag. It was you who attacked ... never mind.

He continued: “I grew up at a time when deacons were in the KKK. I don’t disrespect the Bible because of those guys. The flag shouldn’t be disrespected because of what cops do. The flag represents what we want America to be.”


He added: “When he did it the first time I thought, ‘Well, you took a gamble, and I give you credit.’ But it was him continuing to do it where he made the biggest mistake. I’m a firm believer of doing what you think is right, but I would always stand for the flag.”

I am going to need this O.J. to say all this poppycock to the hypothetical O.J. who went through a whole scene of how he killed two people. I’m also going to need this O.J. to have a sit-down with the O.J. who ran into a Vegas hotel room talking like a big-time Mafia gangster waving a gun and telling people to give him back his memorabilia.


The nigga-dacity of this nigga.

O.J. knows good and well that at this point he’s supposed to have a company line that he can use whenever he’s asked what he thinks about black people who haven’t been accused of killing anyone.



Q: O.J. what do you think about Oprah running for president?

O.J.’s canned response: I think that people are born with free will, and throughout life they make choices that either embolden that free will or take from it. My hope is that each person continues to strengthen his or her space and time in this world and find paths best suited for his or her well-being and growth.


Until he can get into his Deepak Chopra bag, I’m going to need O.J. to kindly shut the fuck up and never mention Colin Kaepernick’s name again.

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