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Air Jordan shoes worn by Winston Shepard of the San Diego State Aztecs on Dec. 8, 2013, in San Diego.
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A New York City man named Donald Proudfoot is reportedly so obsessed with sneakers that he allegedly shot a man to death over a pair of Air Jordans. And police told the New York Post that this isn't the first time Proudfoot has been involved in a sneaker scuffle.

Authorities are now looking for the 28-year-old, who reportedly fatally shot Sam Cosmore, 46, at a barbecue in the city's Brooklyn borough Tuesday after the two men engaged in a heated argument over sneakers.


In November, Proudfoot was arrested for domestic abuse after he reportedly beat his then-girlfriend and stole her "retro black and red Jordans, as well as a pair of UGGs," the Post reports.

Police are unclear how the argument between the two men began Tuesday or which man was wearing the shoes that were the subject of the argument. Proudfoot allegedly pulled a gun and fired five shots, one of which hit Cosmore in the chest. Investigators believe that Cosmore stumbled from the barbecue and down the street, where his lifeless body was found. Witnesses on the scene told police that Proudfoot was the shooter, the Post reports.


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