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According to a report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of U.S. hate groups has grown — fed by antagonism toward President Obama, the economy and the changing racial demographics of the country.


The SPLC recorded 1,018 hate groups last year. Anti-gay groups have increased from 17 to 27 since 2010, and the number of groups whose ideology is organized against specific racial, religious, sexual or other characteristics has risen as well.

The report also described an increase in the number of groups that have a deep distrust of the government and could be considered militia organizations.


"They represent both a kind of right-wing populist rage and a left-wing populist rage that has gotten all mixed up in anger toward the government," Mark Potok, the author of the SPLC report, told the New York Times.

Some types of hate groups have declined in number, including native extremist groups like the Militiamen, which focused on illegal immigration. The number of Ku Klux Klan chapters fell to 152 from 221.

The states with the most active hate groups include California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and New York.

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