Now This Is Rich: Former Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Uses MLK to Claim Racism Against Whites

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If I told you that a former Trump adviser filed a lawsuit claiming that white people were being discriminated against, how long would it take you to come up with Stephen Miller, and why did it take less than two seconds?


Because, of course he did. See, Stephen Miller may no longer be in the White House but he hasn’t stopped being a sensitive white man.

Trump’s ex-senior adviser Stephen Miller’s America’s First Legal filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court in Fort Worth, Texas, claiming that the Biden administration’s distribution of stimulus funds discriminates against white people, Bloomberg reports.

The Biden administration was trying to right the wrongs against Black farmers and people of color who have lost “90 percent of their land over the past century because of systemic discrimination and a cycle of debt,” the Washington Post reports.

From the Post:

Black farmers in America have lost more than 12 million acres of farmland over the past century, mostly since the 1950s, a result of what agricultural experts and advocates for Black farmers say is a combination of systemic racism, biased government policy, and social and business practices that have denied African Americans equitable access to markets.

Discrimination started a century ago with a series of federal Homestead Acts that offered mainly White settlers deeply subsidized land. Since then, local U.S. Department of Agriculture offices charged with distributing loans have frequently been found to deny Black farmers access to credit and to ignore or delay loan applications. Many Black farmers don’t have clear title to their land, which makes them ineligible for certain USDA loans to purchase livestock or cover the cost of planting, and they have seldom benefited from subsidy payments or trade mitigation compensation — almost all of President Donald Trump’s $28 billion bailout for those affected by the China trade war went to White farmers.

But Miller doesn’t care about any of this because history doesn’t fit his racist narrative. All that Miller can see is that white people are missing out on some money and that’s bullshit!

The suit alleges that the Biden administration excludes white people out of the definition of “socially disadvantaged.”


“The Department of Agriculture interprets this phrase to include African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaskan natives, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders,” the complaint says. “But white farmers and ranchers are not included within the definition of ‘socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers,’ making them ineligible for aid under these federal programs.”

White tears falling like the rainnnnn...or whatever the Force MD’s are singing.

“The suit is the first by America First Legal and notable because Trump battled claims he is racist, as did Miller, who crafted many of the administration’s most anti-immigrant policies. It may also inflame the culture wars by equating claims of racism against White people with the nation’s long history of bias against racial minorities,” Bloomberg reports.


And this is the part where all of the shit gets even weirder. Miller who is the Strom Thurmond of Steve Kings, actually included MLK—yes, the actual Martin Luther King Jr.—in his lawsuit for white rights.

“‘‘Equal rights under law’ is ‘the cornerstone’ of the Constitution, according to the complaint. These are the principles etched into our founding documents, fought for on our nation’s battlefields, written into the Gettysburg Address, and delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial by Martin Luther King,” Bloomberg reports.


I can’t.

And if you say that you had Stephen Miller using MLK in a fight for white rights on your 2021 Bingo card, please message me as I need some three-digit numbers.

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I can’t seem to find it but This American Life, Snap Judgment or some NPR-related podcast I listen to had a heart-breaking story on just how blatant and upfront the FDA and/or whatever federal agency that dishes out farm loans and subsidies were in openly discriminating against Black farmers for DECADES. IIR, a former employee told everything: telling Black farmers no to their faces, memos telling workers not to even accept applications and when one Black farmer insisted on waiting to see someone (knowing it was the last day to apply?), they made him sit in the waiting room all day then told him to come back the next day, egregious shit. Soooo many Black farmers lost family farms that had been theirs since they had overpaid for the land to begin with by sharecropping. They had to watch their white neighbors buying new equipment, updating buildings, living well and sending their kids to colleges as the wind blew their lives whichever way. Then when it was no longer sustainable, their neighbors bought their land for pennies.

This is FEDERAL money contributed by all tax-paying Americans that enriched ONLY whites. And these were concerted efforts by state, local and IINM small-office level administrators to just deny, decimate, starve and steal Black farmers land flat out. The mechanism for complaints was inadequate so people just lost out. And this wasn’t several hundred years ago, the people it happened to are still alive!

So fuck Stephen Miller with his knowingly misleading ass! And when election time rolls around and the politicians spend their time courting the overalls and flannel shirt crowd by hyping how important the American farmer is, and they get the love back, just know that excludes Black farmers specifically.

But then, even if you didn’t know that already, YOU ALREADY KNEW!

Here's one story, if someone finds the podcast, please post because it’s very interesting to know how deeply and insidiously white supremacy rules everything.