“The suit is the first by America First Legal and notable because Trump battled claims he is racist, as did Miller, who crafted many of the administration’s most anti-immigrant policies. It may also inflame the culture wars by equating claims of racism against White people with the nation’s long history of bias against racial minorities,” Bloomberg reports.


And this is the part where all of the shit gets even weirder. Miller who is the Strom Thurmond of Steve Kings, actually included MLK—yes, the actual Martin Luther King Jr.—in his lawsuit for white rights.

“‘‘Equal rights under law’ is ‘the cornerstone’ of the Constitution, according to the complaint. These are the principles etched into our founding documents, fought for on our nation’s battlefields, written into the Gettysburg Address, and delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial by Martin Luther King,” Bloomberg reports.


I can’t.

And if you say that you had Stephen Miller using MLK in a fight for white rights on your 2021 Bingo card, please message me as I need some three-digit numbers.