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There are certain symbols that when seen in public make you go “Oh, they racist-racist.” At the top of that list would probably be the swastika and the confederate flag—symbols made popular by groups whose whole M.O was killing in the name of white supremacy. Apparently though, we’ve had it all wrong.

At least, that is if one were to believe the interview of William Stark, a homeowner in Iowa, gave FOX32. Stark, an old white man because obviously, has taken to decorating the exterior of his home with swastikas and confederate flags. Making matters worse is that his home is directly outside of an elementary school with a 60% non-white student population. When told that the school and students are uncomfortable with the display, Stark replied “They don’t know their history, evidently. That’s the only reason I think of that they can think anything bad about it.”



Y’all, just look at this.

Screenshot: Fox 32

That is a whole ass Nazi flag. Not just a run of the mill swastika, an ornate recreation of an actual Nazi flag. Not to mention he’s got the tried and true calling card of those who celebrate both “rebel pride” and acts of police brutality running all up and through there.

Hey, maybe he’s not racist, folks. Maybe he just wanted to know how Clint Eastwood felt in Gran Torino. More than likely though, he’s racist-racist.


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