Now Everyone Wants to Bury Milo, but It Was All Good Just a Week Ago

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Well, I guess it’s good to know that even supporters of racist bigots have limits, and it looks like the limit is pedophilia. On Monday, news broke that Milo Yiannopoulos, the ass-bag of all ass-bags, an editor at Breitbart and media darling of the “alt-right,” finally said something that his publisher and Republican friends couldn’t support.


According to the New York Times, a recording was released in which Yiannopoulos not only condoned sexual relations between grown men and boys as young as 13 but also credited those sexual acts for helping boys confused with their sexuality to find a protector and supporter in the older men.

“In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men—the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationships—the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable sort of rock,” Yiannopoulos said. He also added that he wouldn’t be as talented at giving oral sex had it not been for Father Michael.

Yep, that happened, and you just read that correctly, and some things you can’t unsee.

Simon & Schuster announced Monday that it was canceling Yiannopoulos’ forthcoming book Dangerous, which it had been planning to publish despite the outpouring of people who had been demanding, well before this latest incident, that he not be given a platform to spout his racist vitriol.

On Monday the organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference rescinded their invitation for him to speak this week, and Breitbart is even reportedly considering firing Yiannopoulos after several workers at the rag threatened to quit if he’s not terminated.

Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter after he used his platform to harass actress and comedian Leslie Jones with racist messages. He considers “rape culture” to be “fantasy.” He reportedly has claimed that all liberals are ugly, fat people should be deported, feminism is a cancer and being a Muslim is a “lifestyle choice.”


Honestly, the guy is a walking bag of douche ridiculousness, so his latest revelation isn’t so shocking because it’s in line with what Yiannopoulos has done his whole career: make hurtful, derogatory statements and then defend them with more outrageous bullshit.

What’s more shocking is where the line has been drawn. In fact, Simon & Schuster had announced that it would be publishing Yiannopoulos’ book after he was banned from Twitter. The publisher then defended its position as an acknowledgment that Yiannopoulos’ statements were just free speech. Now that his “free speech” has crossed a moral line that the publisher can’t justify with profits, it won’t be publishing his work.


Yiannopoulos took to Facebook to deny supporting pedophilia (losing a huge book deal will do that) and added that he didn’t do “anything illegal.”

“I shouldn’t have used the word ‘boy’ when I talked about those relationships between older men and younger gay men,” Yiannopoulos wrote, according to the New York Daily News. “I was talking about my own relationship when I was 17 with a man who was 29. The age of consent in the UK is 16. That was a mistake.”


He also added that his comments about learning how to give better oral sex after being molested were a “joke.”

“I did joke about giving better head as a result of clerical sexual abuse committed against me when I was a teen. If I choose to deal in an edgy way on an internet livestream with a crime I was the victim of that’s my prerogative,” he wrote. “It’s no different to gallows humor from AIDS sufferers.”


You can watch the deplorable Yiannopoulos here, and let’s hope this is the last we hear from this ass-bag.

Read more at the New York Times and the New York Daily News.

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According to The New York Times, a recording was released in which Yiannopoulous not only condones sexual relations between grown men and boys as young as 13, but he credits the sexual acts for helping boys confused with their sexuality to find a protector and supporter in the older men.

I’ve had gay men (who were on the younger side of the equation) say much the same to me, though I’d imagine that it depends on geographic area.

Not sure how prevalent it is, but I’ve run into strangely positive vibes surrounding the phenomenon.