NC Rolls Back Offensive Bathroom Bill so State Can Stop Losing Money and Basketball Tournaments

 Sara D. Davis/Getty Images
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

The state of North Carolina made a step in the right direction Thursday, even if it was for a disingenuous reason, by repealing its disgusting bathroom bill, H.B. 2, which required transgender people to use the bathroom for the gender listed on their birth certificate, and not the one corresponding to their gender identity.


NBC Los Angeles reports that North Carolina rolled back the bill in a bid to end a yearlong battle over transgender rights that cost the state the loss of business projects, conventions and basketball tournaments.

The compromise was announced Wednesday night, and it was reached under the pressure of losing more basketball events from the NCAA, which threatened the “basketball-obsessed state” with the loss of even more sporting events in the coming years if H.B. 2 remained on the books.

According to NBC, the new measure was quickly passed by the state House and Senate and signed into law by Gov. Roy Cooper in a matter of hours.

The new measure repeals the most offensive section of H.B. 2, and transgender people will now have the freedom to use the bathroom of their gender identity.

Even with that change, NBC reports that the American Civil Liberties Union and gay and transgender activists argued that the new bill still denies them certain protections from discrimination, and they demanded nothing less than a full repeal of the bill.

According to NBC, it is unclear if the change will stop the boycotts or satisfy the NCAA.


The bill passed the House 70-48 and was approved by the Senate with a 32-16 vote.

In addition to repealing the transgender bathroom rule, the new measure mandates that the state, not local government or school officials, make policy regarding public restrooms.


While supporters of H.B. 2 argued that the bathroom law was needed to preserve privacy and keep people safe from predators, opponents said that the alleged danger was only imaginary.

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