No, You and I Will Not Be Dating. Here's Why


Niesha Davis outlines at Clutch magazine the various reasons that she will not date a guy. Her list comes as she is getting back to dating after a two-year hiatus.

… It seems that the men who approach me find someway to eliminate themselves from the running before we even start. Take one fellow that hit me up on an online dating site recently. At first, his approach was respectable, funny, and intriguing. But a few message exchanges in, he began to insult my tattoos and their placements. After I went ghost, he apologized, but the damage was done. Any initial interest was thrown out the window, and while I did humor him with a few more messages, my panties were definitely staying on.

This is not a rare occurrence, as I've had plenty of girl talk sessions where friends have shared instances of men practically talking themselves out of any possibility of the poon-poon. This got me to thinking about all of the instances where men who once had a shot, were suddenly sent packing. Here is a short list of some of the possible reasons why my panties might be staying on …

Ebonics is your first, second, and only language
"Ay, shawty, wuz gud wit chu?" Facepalm. As women, we fall for you with our ears. There is nothing less appealing than a man who can’t string together a complete sentence. Knowledge is power. Get yourself some …

You are too pushy and don't respect boundaries
My body, my rules. Period

Read Niesha Davis' entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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