No Victims in Chris Brown Twitter Saga

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Writing at Clutch magazine, The Root's contributing editor Demetria L. Lucas starts off with the disclaimer "Chris Brown is an a—hole," but concludes that in the singer's battle of words with comedian Jenny Johnson, he wasn't the only one who was out of line. 

Uh … no. We seem to be forgetting this whole thing started because Johnson went around giving a f*** when it wasn't her turn, and called Brown "a worthless piece of [s—t]." This isn't the first time she has come for Brown. In a Paper magazine interview from May, she gloats that she "harassed" him for six months. She's on record calling Brown a "[s—tbag]," and once, not even during an argument with Brown, suggested he "suck a gigantic bag of  d****."

Jenny Johnson is an a**hole too.

I'm not clear how she gets to call Brown "a worthless piece of [sh—]" and somehow there are parameters put on the level of vitriol with which the attacked party — Brown — responds. I'm also unclear what world exists where it's OK to use social media to harass someone — celebrity or not, likeable celebrity or not — for at least six months, then become the victim when the person responds. As one Twitter follower asked rhetorically, "How is Johnson not a cyber-bully? I'll wait."

Despite the spin other media has given this incident, there are no victims here. I only see two people, neither of whom are funny, who talk too much $hit, don't know when to stop and long ago should have blocked each other's tweets. 


Read Demetria L. Lucas' entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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