No Surprises in Uber’s 1st Diversity Report: Tech Company Is Mostly White and Male but Promises to Work on That

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Uber is a tech company, and like most tech companies, it’s mostly white and mostly male. This is what the transportation-network company’s first diversity report reveals, in news that is perhaps shocking to none.


The report, which was released on the company’s website Tuesday afternoon, shows pretty much what anyone would expect, except perhaps, in finer detail.

Overall, in the U.S., white workers have the highest representation in the company at 49.8 percent, followed by Asian workers at 30.9 percent, black workers at 8.8 percent and Hispanic workers at 5.6 percent. There are also stats for people who identify as multiracial (4.3 percent) or “other” (0.6 percent).


When you delve specifically into tech categories, however, the distinction among ethnic and racial groups becomes even more marked. People of Asian descent make up 47.9 percent of employees in technical roles, followed by whites at 46.2 percent, “multiracial” individuals at 2.4 percent, Hispanics at 2.1 percent, blacks at 1 percent and “other” at 0.4 percent.

In leadership roles—ranking from director and above—the gaping disparity is also obvious, with the breakdown showing 76.7 percent of those positions held by whites, 20.2 percent by Asians, 2.3 percent by blacks and 0.8 percent by Hispanics, with “multiracial”and “other” each filling 0.0 percent of those roles.

In terms of gender, overall, men make up 63.9 percent of the workforce worldwide, while women account for 36.1 percent. When you dive into technical jobs, the disparity widens, with men making up 84.6 percent of the workforce and women accounting for 15.4 percent.

Men also make up 78 percent of all leadership roles, while women make up only 22 percent. Again, that gap widens in tech categories, with men making up 88.7 percent of leadership roles and women accounting for 11.3 percent.


“This report is a first step in showing that diversity and inclusion is a priority at Uber. I know that we have been too slow in publishing our numbers—and that the best way to demonstrate our commitment to change is through transparency. And to make progress, it’s important we measure what matters,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement.

With that being said, the company is promising to do better, and is dedicating $3 million over the next three years to “support organizations working to bring more women and underrepresented people into tech.”


The report notes that Uber’s recruiting team will set out on a college tour to recruit students at colleges across the country, including at a number of HBCUs and Hispanic-serving institutions, or HSIs.

“In recruiting, we’ve updated our job descriptions to remove potentially exclusionary language, and we are running interview training to make our hiring processes more inclusive for women in tech. We’re also rolling out training to educate and empower employees, covering topics like ‘why diversity and inclusion matters,’ ‘how to be an ally,’ and ‘building inclusive teams.’ Training is not a panacea, but educating employees on the right behaviors is an important step in the right direction,” the report reads.


Read more at Uber.

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“This report is the first step...” Noooooppppee. It’s not. You’ve SEEN all the white male faces all throughout upper management. You’ve seen few women (especially black women) you’ve seen few black men and hispanic women and men.. and yet.. you did nothing! That, Mr. jerk ceo was your first step which you conveniently ignored. Then for a second step, you refused to provide data showing just how racist you and your pals are and have been. Then for a third step you systemically sexually harassed women at all levels. Oh, and for 1, 2, and 3a, you lied and said your drivers tips were included in the fares knowing that they never were.

You are a garbage company run by garbage people.

You have to ability to fix so much of your issues - not a college tour or a feel good forced “training” on how to be allies - fuck you. Here is what you do:

1. Commit to hiring x number of key executives in the next 90 days who are black, hispanic, male and female, placing them in key roles in leadership.

2. Commit to hiring x number of black and hispanic engineers over the next 6 months to fill 80% of your open positions - reverse what you’ve been doing for whites and Asians, in other words - Good-goose-gander.

3. Fire and replace ALL your HR, recruiting, and hiring staff and replace them all with black and hispanic females and males. None deserve their jobs after what they’ve done.

4. Force your stupid CEO to resign

5. Open a fucking call center in the States so folk can fucking reach you morons with issues about their rides, fares, etc.

6. Update your app to allow tipping

7. Pay your drivers more

8. Replace your board with black and hispanic persons - at least 3 total.

These are steps you could do right now if you are serious.