Gilbert Arenas, his children and mounds of hidden cash
Instagram screenshot

Well, that didn't take long.

Looks as if Gilbert Arenas has found the cash for his kids' private school; apparently he was hiding it from his ex-wife, Laura Govan. No Chill Gil, as he's known on the Instagram streets, took to Snapchat to post snippets of his children counting thousands in cash.

"Lucky for me Child support in cali is based off income made not income (HAVE)," Arenas posted before cutting to a montage of his children counting and posing next to mounds of cash.

Arenas claims that his children are well taken care of and that he's been "hiding" cash from the government and his ex-wife, calling the plan and the money "gold digger proof."

Arenas also suggested that Govan turn to prostitution if she wanted to make money, because, of course, he did.

As reported earlier on The Root, Arenas gets the last payment of his horrible $111 million contract Oct. 31. After that, he claims, he can no longer send his children to private school. Arenas believes that because he's no longer receiving payments from his contract, the only income that can be used for future child support payments is investment interest, which totals about $169,895 a year.


Sadly, I'm sure we've not seen the last of Gilbert Arenas.

Watch Arenas and his children ballin' below. Warning: Some of the language is NSFW.


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