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ABC 7 Screenshot
ABC 7 Screenshot

The two pit bull mixes were supposed to be in the basement, but somehow they escaped and began attacking 3-year-old Janaya Everett.


"The baby was laying on the floor bloody with her scalp all messed up, and just a mess … horrible, horrible thing," Dwyane Harper told ABC 7. Harper said that he was outside the East Orange, N.J., home when he heard the barking. He ran in to find Janaya, his girlfriend's granddaughter, covered in blood.

Andy Jacobson, a neighbor, ran inside to help the family and stayed with them until police and EMTs arrived.


"When they took the baby out of the house, one of the EMTs took the baby in his arms. That was good he didn't waste time for no stretcher or none of that; he just took the baby," Jacobson said.

Janaya was rushed to a local hospital, where she was taken into surgery. She is expected to make a full recovery, ABC 7 reports.

Both dogs were removed from the home and will most likely be put down, Harper told the news station.

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