This Nivea ad is stirring up controversy. (Google)
This Nivea ad is stirring up controversy. (Google)

Clutch has an open thread about a Nivea print ad featuring a black man that some say is culturally insensitive. With the slogan "Look like you give a damn," the ad shows a well-dressed, clean-shaven black man holding the head of an Afro-wearing, bearded black man with the tagline "Re-civilize yourself." Folks are up in arms, saying that the ad is culturally insensitive and falls in line with a tradition of ridiculing blacks in media culture.

Alternet wonders aloud if this is the most racist ad ever. We don't know about the most racist ad ever, but it definitely reinforces stereotypes of black men that have got to go. What do you think?


Read more at Clutch Magazine.

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