Nintendo Knocks 35 Percent Off Some Really Great Mario Games in Celebration of Mar10 Day

Mario said, “Raise up, b. You won’t.”
Mario said, “Raise up, b. You won’t.”
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Today is March 10, which means it’s a Mar10 Day! To celebrate the plumber with the meanest mustache in the game, Nintendo has reduced the price of some straight-up bangers by 35 percent.


According to Yahoo, you can currently cop some of Mario’s best adventures on the Switch for just under 40 bucks. If you’ve been a longtime Nintendo fan, you know that it’s an event whenever they decide to put some of their games on sale. In fact, today’s discounts mark the lowest prices for some of the games included. And just what games are included in the sale?

Glad you asked, friend!

On the Nintendo eShop, the four games included in the sale are Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Maker 2, and Super Mario Party. Personally, I’m probably going to grab Mario Tennis Aces because I’m just a sucker for a solid tennis game. I only watch the sport during the Wimbledon and the U.S Open, but goddamn if I won’t throw down on some Mario Tennis or Top Spin.

Of that batch I would personally recommend Super Mario Maker 2, as it simply has so much content off jump. The campaign mode is a really fun way to explore the different eras of Mario games—from the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System days to the modern New Super Mario Bros. games. Aside from that, there’s the titular Maker mode .which grants you the tools to build your own Mario levels.

I’m straight trash at building levels, but I really enjoy playing everyone else’s! You have the ability to play stages other players upload, so there’s a consistent stream of content for the game. If you’re jonesing for your classic platforming fix, Super Mario Maker 2 is where it’s at.

If you go on Amazon, you’ll find games like Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe also on sale for under $40. If you have a Switch and haven’t played Odyssey, I’m going to need you to get on that, b. It’s genuinely one of the most delightful games on the entire console.

I would also recommend checking out Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection that includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and my personal favorite Super Mario Galaxy. The game isn’t on sale, but it’ll be removed from the eShop and stores at the end of the month. I really don’t get why they’re doing that because it’s one of the only ways to play any of those games on a modern console. In the case of Sunshine, it is genuinely the only way.


The collection doesn’t do much in remastering the games, and the price is a bit high for some old ass games, but the gameplay in Sunshine and Galaxy is still so strong that it managed to outweigh those shortcomings for me.

So if you’re a Switch fan who’s been curious about some of these titles, but weren’t $60 curious, you have until 11:59 p.m PT on March 13 to save a little coin and get a banger or two in the process.

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Super Mario Maker 2 is fantastic. There’s 75 million levels and people are still making new ones. Folks have figured out how to build some seriously complicated setups that are funny and troll the shit out of players.

I’m garbage at it, even with my Switch, my thumbs and gaming hands are dumb now, but I love watching people play it on YouTUbe.