Nigerian pop singer Adokiye  

One Nigerian pop star is taking the fate of the missing Chibok schoolgirls into her own hands, saying that she is willing to give her virginity to Boko Haram in exchange for the more than 200 who are still missing, the New York Daily News reports.

“It is just unfair. They are too young. I wish I could offer myself in exchange,” 23-year-old Adokiye recently told Vanguard’s Showtime, according to the Daily News. “They are between 12- and 15-year-old girls, for Christ sake. I am older and more experienced. Even if 10 to 12 men have to take me every night, I don’t care. Just release these girls and let them go back to their parents.” 


However, whether Adokiye was going for a selfless gesture or not, it did not go over well with Twitter users who accused her of being “attention-seeking” and using the tragic circumstances to her own benefit.

It’s been more than two months since more than 200 girls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok. A few have managed to escape the extremist group Boko Haram that is holding them captive. Despite the fact that the girls have not been returned to their homes, the Nigerian government has declared that the search is concluded, refusing to negotiate with the militant organization that demanded the release of its comrades in exchange for the girls.

Just recently, Boko Haram was also suspected in the kidnapping of 91 additional women, girls and boys from the northeastern Nigerian village of Kummabza.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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