Nia Long: 'I’ve Watched a Lot of Men Get Rich Off of the Films That I’ve Done'

Nia Long deserves her coin.

“I’ve watched a lot of men get rich off of the films that I’ve done, and I was being paid peanuts,” actress Nia Long said.


At an August event for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the iconic actress with a decadeslong career spoke out. Long’s message: Pay women fairly.

The Love Jones actress has a point—the gender pay gap is real, and it impacts black women tremendously. In fact, black women make 38 percent less than white men and 21 percent less than white women. One can only imagine the disparity in Hollywood.


“When I requested or wanted more, I was considered difficult, outspoken, entitled and all of the things that should not be used to describe a woman that has earned her space, her place and delivers,” Long said. “And that doesn’t just apply to me, that’s for everyone.”


See the entire video above.

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