NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson Says Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Healed Eye Injury

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As Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich finally makes its eagerly anticipated return to the marketplace this week comes the news that an NFL player is talking up its healing powers.


Mill Vanilli used to blame it on the rain.

Jamie Foxx blamed it on the alcohol.

And these days, Lizzo is blaming it on her juice.

But no one was ready for this.

Did you know that the crispy, crunchy snack that caused a fast-food frenzy this past summer had a medicinal effect?

Well that’s what Deshaun Watson will have folks believe.

“I’ll tell you the key. It was them Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches that I ate this week that helped the eye,” the Houston Texans quarterback told the NFL Network after leading his team to victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars for their first appearance at London’s Wembley Stadium on Sunday.


The 24-year-old Gainesville, Georgia native was injured last week after getting kicked in the face by a Los Angeles Raider and still wound up throwing a game-winning touchdown pass.

He later said he thought his eyeball had fallen out. 

Lucky for him, it didn’t.

Not sure how Watson got a hold of the sandwich all the way in London over the last weeksince there are no known franchises there. And was apparently unavailable.


But stranger things have happened.

According to Sports Illustrated, the former Clemson Tiger signed a four-year deal worth $13.84 million.


So maybe he had some sandwiches flown across the pond.

Or it could be like one of those Tiffany Haddish tall tales.

Watson’s endorsement-prone pronouncement is perfect timing for the fried chicken chain, which officially relaunched the popular menu item in its eateries on Sunday.


In other early Popeyes Pandemonium news, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs has custom-made cleats celebrating the return of the chicken sandwich.


Not sure if we should be saying “hmmm” or “mmmm.”



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