NEWS STAND: Senegalese Gays Cannot RIP, 'The Real McCoy' FAIL, GOP Promise Gets Side Eye

Lisa Raye McCoy (Maury Phillips/WireImage)
Lisa Raye McCoy (Maury Phillips/WireImage)

Homophobia Runs Amok in Senegal: Dead, Dug-Up and Dumped
Fresh from the "are you kidding me" file, homophobes are digging up the bodies of gays and dumping them on the doorsteps of their family members in Senegal. Yes, you read right — there is no "rest in peace," for gays in that country.  It is truly sad when a country that has so many political and economic issues turns its attention and energy to such venomous pursuits. Digging up bodies? Really.  Gays aren't worthy of life or death? Perhaps they should focus their energies a little more on infrastructure, economic viability and trade issues instead of disturbing the dead, who are truly incapable of defending themselves. We're over here shaking our heads and cussing in French.


Republicans Say Filibuster of Supreme Court Nominee 'Unlikely'
Yeah, and the Earth is square, the sky is purple, apples are orange and paper tastes great! We think the chance of Senate Republicans not filibustering President Barack Obama's next Supreme Court Justice nominee is highly unlikely. This is the party of "No," or as peachy pundit/talk show host/interview poacher Sarah Palin reminded us, the party of "hell no." We're not sure why they're even pretending that they're going to be fair and balanced about the Supreme Court nomination process.  We're not buying it.

Black Celebrity Reality Shows Offer Little Reality
Choo…choo….the chickenhead express is coming through. On what we at The Root now call black-a** Friday, Lisa Raye McCoy's reality show, The Real McCoy, debuted on TV One. We're fans of TV One's Unsung and Life After series, so in spite of our reservations, we decided to check it out. Big mistake on our part and on McCoy's handlers for letting her do the show. She comes off as a diva D-list celebrity, trying way too hard at everything - motherhood, celebrity and revenge against her ex-husband. Lines like, "Gold digger? I've been digging since I was in high school. I'm on to platinum," highlight the sheer and utter foolishness that is this show. Then there's VH-1's lame Sunday night lineup featuring the Norwoods, including their famous/infamous offspring Brandy and Ray-J; Shaunie O'Neal's Basketball Wives; and Chilli of TLC fame attempting to find a man. Brandy and Ray J seem like simpletons with a mother who is more invested in their success than they are. Basketball Wives features just two wives, while all of the "women" are miserable because they have things, but not their man. Yeah, when you're looking for meaningful relationships, pursue a professional athlete. Chilli won't date a man who eats pork, but will date a man with two babies' mommas. Okay. We'll just say, recall the last images you saw of black women that set us back by 100 years. Subtract 25 years to that and you have all of these reality shows.

Amnesty International: Katrina Rebuilding is 'Un-Natural'
Amnesty International has released a report entitled, "Un-Natural Disaster," stating that the U.S. government and Gulf Coast states have consistently violated the human rights of victims of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, permanently altering demographics of the region. This alteration has prevented residents from returning home to rebuild on their homes. Most of the public housing has been demolished and few low-cost rentals have been built in their place. While we're glad that this report was released, we're not surprised that people with power used this devastation for personal benefit and gain. It is New Orleans and Louisiana, after all. Hell, it is America.