Party Over Here: Democrats set showdown vote on Wall Street bill

Well it seems that the Democratic Party has finally figured out that bi-partisanship doesn't really work. They have dropped the hammer on Wall Street and the Republican Party by setting a vote on financial industry regulation for Monday. President Obama even shamed the financial industry for working against them as opposed to with them. We agree that they've got a whole lotta nerve after running the economy into the ground. We're thinking self-regulation isn't working. SEC oversight isn't working. Something has to happen so that we're not oh let's say unemployed, underemployed, foreclosed on, or having to watch our retirement funds dissipate in perpetuity. We don't know about you, but we're tired of seeing Wall Street get off the hook, while so many of us are left on it.


Dropkicked while down: Insurer targeted breast cancer patients for cancellations

From the "are you kidding us file" health insurance subsidiaries under WellPoint cancelled the insurance policies of women that were diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, you read right. These were women who paid their premiums and were dropped due to an algorithm employed by WellPoint that targeted women diagnosed with breast cancer. How so? They would call with aggressive investigative tactics or just cancel without notice. Nice. Interesting strategy: stress out people already stressed about their health. This was discovered after it was discovered that Assurant Health targeted people with H.I.V. for cancellation. Still think that government regulated universal healthcare is a bad idea?

Black by Popular Demand: Steve Benjamin Elected Columbia,SC's First Black Mayor

History has been made in yet another southern city.  Columbia, South Carolina elected Steve Benjamin as the city's first black mayor. It's great to see black folks participating in local elections and not resting on our laurels following a historic national win. You may remember Steve Benjamin as the lobbyist/attorney that helped clear the names of two of Tom Joyner's great-uncles who were falsely accused of and executed for a crime they did not commit. Unfortunately Benjamin was involved in a car accident on his way to a media appearance following the historic win. He and his wife are fine, but the driver of the other vehicle is still hospitalized. Talk about a metaphor for politics. Buckle-up because he's in for a long ride. Hopefully, the road won't stay this bumpy.   


Celebrity Smackdown: Naomi Campbell is at it again


Security. Security. We're a little afraid to write this with Naomi Campbell on the prowl. We try to refrain from stating the obvious, but Naomi Campbell is off her rocker. The supermodel with the bad temper has done it again. She made it through an interview where clearly it was a bait and switch. Said interviewers were trying to set-up said supermodel by trying to get her to confess to accepting "blood diamonds," from Liberian Dictator Charles Taylor. Campbell had every right to be pissed. She made it through the interview, ended it with style and grace, but couldn't stop herself from smashing the camera on her way out. Neither public scorn, humiliation, rehab, anger management, jail, or community service have prodded this woman into keeping her anger in check. Campbell keeps saying that people are picking on her. Maybe if she focused more on being a role model and less of a supermodel, she wouldn't suffer fools so often.

Happy Earth Day? Deadly airborne fungus in Oregon set to spread

This sounds like something out of a science-fiction film. An airborne illness that is so deadly that it can infect and kill humans, dogs, cats, alpacas, sheep and elk.  Inhaling spores released by samples of the fungus that infects trees attracts the new strain known as VGIIc of the fungus Cryptococcus gattii is how you get it. Translation: that means breathing. Who is most susceptible? People in good health, so black folks may be safe. Whatever the cause, the environment has had enough and is turning on us in a "Big M@#$%^&* way" (in our best Radio Raheem voice).


Checkmate: Reggie Bush Quietly Settles Lawsuit


While the rest of the world is fixated on Big Ben's trouble, the NFL draft and the NCAA expanding its already sprawling basketball tournament, Reggie Bush has quietly settled the civil lawsuit brought against him by Lloyd Lake, the guy who allegedly gave Bush and his family over $300,000 in gifts while he was a star running back at USC. Now, Bush never has to speak about the allegations made against him by Lake or the NCAA. If the NCAA strips the Trojans of their 2004 and 2005 National Championships now, they'll have to do so without direct evidence or testimony from Bush or Lake, which could be a hard sell, particularly with the money USC generates for the NCAA. That is unless Lake has already turned over evidence. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, pun intended. Whether you think Bush "cheated" or not or is "cheating" by settling the suit i.e. paying off Lake, this is clearly a savvy move by Bush. Who says athletes aren't smart?

Blagojevich is Still Jocking President Obama: Threatens Subpoena

Yeah, that's going to happen. This lame, celebrity wannabe, reality television reject desperado needs to go somewhere and sit down. Since he obviously missed it, our president is a little busy right now with real issues. Sure President Obama holds the ticket to his innocence. President Obama holds the ticket to his relevance, which is why this loser will do anything and use anyone to draw attention to himself. To Blagojevich we say, make like a monopoly board and go directly to jail.

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