NEWS STAND: Obama Takes On Gulf Spill; Taliban Claim NY Car Bomb, Usher, Mariah and Nick (again) and more..

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President Obama to do everything `humanly possible' on spill


As if we needed to hear this. We think it's interesting that folks are trying to lay this disaster at his feet.  The Obama administration should have responded more quickly to the spill? Which is it? More government or less government? Oversight on this but no oversight on the financial industry. Oh, okay.

Rain, Rain Go Away: Tennessee Hit Hard by Record Flooding


As if there isn't enough to deal with, 7 people were killed in record flooding in Tennessee. More than 600 people were rescued in Nashville, alone. More rain fell on Tennessee in a 24-hour period than has ever been recorded in the state's history.  Still don't believe in global warming? Perhaps those astute Tea Party historians will attribute this disaster to President Obama as well?

States want to share patient Rx use to curb abuse

How noble. Finally, a nationwide network of prescriptions in order to curb doctor shopping, prescription drug pushers and drug abuse.  If passed, this initiative will save countless lives. What took so long? This isn't really rocket science; it's common sense. Whose death sparked this safety revolution? O.D.B., Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro, Michael Jackson or Brittany Murphy? Maybe it's creepy doctors like Conrad Murray skulking around that put the final nail in the coffin.

Pakistani Taliban claims NYC car bomb

Sorry, we're not buying it. What self-respecting member of the Taliban would not know how to properly set-off a car bomb? This has amateur, copycat, wannabe terrorist written all over it.  That's more frightening to us than the Taliban.


Usher: Talent shows are killing music

If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black? Didn't dude just guest star on American Idol mere weeks ago? We suppose he'll do anything for publicity for a lukewarm album including insulting a show where he served as a "mentor" to upcoming artists. We think R&B superstars on the decline who try to package their album releases with marriages and divorces is what's killing music. We think your boy T-Pain and your girl Nicki Minaj are killing music. We think you should focus on making decent music and less on publicity stunts, which is in fact, killing music.


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Wed — For Third Time


We're all for love, but come on. Who are they trying to convince - themselves or us? Three weddings in two years? There's doing it big and there's doing too much. Perhaps, they should learn the difference.

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