#NewportNancy Wants Black Neighbor Evicted For Smoking Cigarettes in the Parking Lot

Screenshot: Facebook via Stacy Etheridge

Are y’all tired of white women calling the police or other authorities on black people yet? I know I am. Every time one of these stories comes up, I just want to look Becky in her eye and ask her what her damn problem is. They keep coming out of the woodwork too, like roaches. You stomp one out and another one appears like magic.

Meet #NewportNancy, a white woman living in Georgia who felt bothered by the fact that her neighbor—a black woman—was smoking a cigarette in the parking deck of their complex.

Screenshot: Facebook via Stacy Etheridge

Stacy Etheridge of Wellington Manor, Ga., posted a video on Facebook that was recorded by her daughter with the caption “Caucasian woman tells my daughter to put her cigarette out and decides to call the police on my daughter for smoking outside in a parking deck. Police showed up and said it was no harm to others....this calling the cops on Blacks is getting way out of hand. Now you can’t smoke outside. #NewportNancy”

Her daughter was at home in her own complex having a cigarette in the parking lot when #NewportNancy showed up and allegedly told her she needed to put her cigarette out.

The video picks up after the interaction has already begun. You hear the unidentified daughter ask the woman, “You said I can’t smoke here? You’re gonna have me kicked out? That’s what you said?”


#NewportNancy replies, “They will have you evicted for smoking on the property. I hope you’re recording it, and I’mma let Jessica and everybody else know in the office.”

The woman asks #NewportNancy if she is racist because “you just came out here harassing me for no reason.”


“For smoking on the property,” #NewportNancy retorts. She then gets into her SUV, starts it up, and makes a phone call to what appears to be the management office of the complex.

The daughter then says she just got home and was having a cigarette in the parking garage when #NewportNancy came along. We then hear #NewportNancy speaking loudly the way white women do when they are on the phone and want you to hear what they are saying so that you know you are in big fucking trouble, pal!


“Yes, ma’am there’s um, there’s a resident here who claims she lives here that’s smoking in the parking garage by the stairwell,” the snitch says. She describes the woman and tells the person she is speaking with that she asked the woman not to smoke on the property.

The rest of the call is hard to hear because of the sound of #NewportNancy’s old ass Ford SUV, but the gist of it is she called to get a black woman in trouble because the black woman wouldn’t comply with her wishes.


When are y’all going to knock this shit off? Seriously. Minding your business is absolutely free. It doesn’t cost anything and will likely help you hold all your teeth in your mouth and keep you from catching a fade when you run up on the right one. I’m just saying.

The video does not show the police being called, nor do we ever see the police in the video, but Etheridge said in her caption that they showed up and determined nothing wrong was done.


Yet here again is another black person having to deal with authorities because white women are pressed like Oprah’s hair.

Y’all get on my nerves.

To satisfy my curiosity, I searched to see if there are any laws prohibiting smoking in parking lots in Georgia. I could find none. I did find the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005, which provides guidelines for where you can smoke in and around places of business. There doesn’t seem to be any rules prohibiting you from smoking in the parking lot of the complex where you live, however.


So again, another white woman trying to exert control over a black person, and when that doesn’t work, she weaponizes the authorities and the threat of eviction over her.

Please stop this at once. Thanks.

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