Newark Mayor Cory Booker may have a shot at New Jersey's governor's mansion. is reporting that Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker is polling well in an early matchup against incumbent Gov. Chris Christie, who has all but ruled out a 2012 presidential bid. Ben Smith writes that Booker is well-liked across party lines. He is most popular with Democrats at a 51-12 favorability, has a 47-17 spread with independents, and even a 36-21 with Republicans. According to Smith, "There just aren't very many Democrats whom Republicans like right now, especially in a state as polarized as New Jersey."

While these numbers are good, Christie is no scrub — in fact, he's a Republican superstar, who has taken Trenton by storm. Like Booker, he mixes it up with diverse groups and, unlike Booker, with a take-no-prisoners approach. If a matchup between Booker and Christie were to take place, they would be even at 42 percent each, meaning it could be anyone's race. For those who thought Booker would be no match for the governor, think again. For those who think Booker is a shoo-in for governor during the next election because of his likability, you may also want to think again. 


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