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Legendary NBA tough-guy Charles Oakley found himself in the pokey after reportedly trying to cuff a bet he placed once he realized he was going to lose.


According to TMZ Sports, on July 8, Oakley was gambling at a Vegas casino and apparently forget that this is 2018 and everything is recorded on video. Oakley is accused of adding money to bets he knew were winning and taking money off of already placed bets when he knew he was losing. And all of it was caught on camera because he was in a casino ... in 2018.

While TMZ Sports notes that it was unclear what game Oakley was playing, a source told the sports site that, “Oak tried to pull back a $100 chip after he realized he was going to lose.


Oakley, who, according to TMZ Sports, made some $46 million during his time in the NBA, was taken into custody after the casino’s security confirmed that the 54-year-old was, in fact, getting his cheat on.

If convicted, Oakley could face up to six years in prison, TMZ Sports reports.

A source close to Oakley told the sports site, “This is an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved.”

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