New Web Series Lets Black Women Talk

Ryann Holmes, co-founder of bklyn boihood, in Harlow Project's in(HER)view

The Harlow Project, a website dedicated to women and people of color, is slated to begin its latest, and highly anticipated, series, in(HER)view: A Conversation With Black Women. The eight-part series delves into the lives of five African-American women, including National Black Justice Coalition Communications Director Kimberley McLeod and co-founder of bklyn boihood Genesis Tremaine, asking them the same set of 10 questions on experiences of love and life as black women in today's society.

"There is a stark contrast between what the world sees and what we actually experience as black women," says Charla Harlow, creator of in(HER)view. "I wanted to portray black women in an honest and truthful way."


In(HER)view premieres May 7 on Harlow Project's website.

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