A former New Mexico mayor who called President Obama a "manifestation of evil" has been re-elected to his old job, according to the Associated Press.

David Lansford, who was once the mayor of the town of Clovis, won the job back this past Tuesday even after his controversial comments about the president. He won in a landslide with 63 percent of the vote.


Lansford was under fire during campaign season after the Clovis News Journal reported his ties to a fringe religious and political group. He considered dropping out of the race but ultimately decided to stay in.

"I think everybody in this country has their opinions," Lansford said Tuesday night after winning his race. "And I think the great thing in America is where you can freely express your opinions."

Lansford had called Obama's election a CIA conspiracy and said he was an illegitimate president. Lansford is also a Birther who believes that Obama isn't a natural-born citizen.

Former Mayor Gayla Brumfeld said she was surprised that someone with such views could be elected. "I guess the city made their choice," she told the Associated Press.


From this election, we can gather that this town won't be on President Obama's re-election tour.

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