Pursuer of "truth" James O'Keefe

NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

The man behind the controversial ACORN videos is at it again. James O'Keefe has made a video entitled "Teachers Union Gone Wild," which features attendees of a New Jersey Education Association conference at a hotel in August. Unaware that they were being recorded, those at the conference were captured on tape in a number of "compromising" moments (some of the moments are only audio, and play over still images). Some attendees chanted about kicking Gov. Chris Christie "in the toolbox." One laughed about playing arcade games "on their dime." New Jersey teacher Alicia Ploshnick was recorded talking about how hard it is to fire a teacher with tenure, and about a fellow teacher who continues to teach after calling a student "n—ger." In a follow-up video titled "Teacher's Unions Gone Wild — Volume II," O'Keefe confronted Ploshnick directly about the use of the n-word as she was getting into her car. The New Jersey teacher stung by James O'Keefe's latest "investigation" is speaking out. "I think it's so unfair that I should be in the middle of this,'' said the 38-year-old Passaic special-education teacher. "I'm not the monster I've been made out to be." O'Keefe stands by his video. We keep wondering if and when someone will go undercover and sting O'Keefe.

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