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New Hampshire Tussles Over Voter ID Law

This year may be New Hampshire's last to boast a high voter turnout. According to Colorlines contributor Aura Bogado, the state's legislature and Gov. John Lynch have been wrestling over a controversial voter ID bill that touts such strict regulations that Lynch initially vetoed it. In response, the legislature has threatened to overrule his decision.

This week, Lynch was ready to compromise and sign off on a bill. But the version the state's legislature presented was so excessively restrictive he vetoed the legislation Wednesday. Lawmakers are now preparing to vote on whether to override the governor's veto on June 27.

It's not the first time Lynch has vetoed a voter ID bill, and not the first time the legislature has threatened to overturn his decision. Last June, the governor vetoed a bill and declared that any eligible voter shouldn't be denied his or her right to vote. Three months later, legislators attempted, but failed, to override the veto.

But something's changed in the meantime. While Lynch was prepared to protect every person's right to vote just one year ago, he's now moved towards the idea that voters should present some form of identification in order to participate at the ballot box. The distinction between Lynch's position and that of the state's legislators is what kind of ID should be required.


Read Aura Bogado's entire piece at Colorlines.

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