New From Willow Smith: 21st-Century Girl

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In her latest video, 10-year-old pop sensation Willow Smith (who just took home the NAACP Image Award for outstanding new artist) announces, "I'm the type of chick that likes to rock the beat" and then proceeds to do just that a vibrant-colored, desert-dancing, accessory-drenched, up-tempo performance with spirited lyrics like "Gimme an inch, I promise I'll take a mile/Danger is beauty, I'll face it with a smile/I'm on a mission with no restrictions/Don't second-guess myself, I'm born to be wild."

The "she's way too grown" crowd shouldn't have too many complaints about this one, except possibly about the “Boys Need Training” T-shirt the mini-diva wears toward the end. (But who's to say it's an age-inappropriate dating reference? It could just be an updated, more clever take on "boys have cooties.")


Plus, the video has the endorsement of legendary actress Cicely Tyson (well, at least she appears in the opening scene), so that gives it points in our book.

Watch here:

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