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'New Central Park Karen' Swipes Black Woman's Charger, Tells Cops She's Being 'Threatened' and 'Beaten.' Video Shows She Lied

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Lena Cole/ YouTube

First, let me just say that I refuse to call this one a “Karen.” The internet has already dubbed her the “New Central Park Karen”—meaning she’s the uninspired sequel to Amy “Central Park Karen” Cooper that nobody asked for—but in this America where Black people have managed to force a spotlight on systemic racism in policing, the moniker “Karen” just feels too benign to be an appropriate descriptor for racists who seek to weaponize law enforcement against Black people.

Central Park Nazi lied to officers of the law and said that two Black women threatened to beat her. We know she lied because muck like in Cooper’s incident, Central Park Klan-maiden was seen on camera unharmed and untouched while appearing to tell the authorities that she’d been harmed and touched.

The Sun reports that the recent incident in NYC’s Central park began how most “Karen” stories begin—with Black people trying their damndest to mind their own motherfucking business.


From the Sun:

Alana Lambert and her friend were filming a vlog in Central Park in New York City when the portable phone charger they were using fell to the ground.

Lambert said the unidentified woman lunged for the phone charger and refused to give it back, saying she needed proof that it belonged to Lambert.

She then called the police and said Lambert and her friend, both of whom are black, were threatening her.

“They’re treating me like they’re going to beat me or something,” the unidentified woman tells police in a video Lambert captured of the interaction.

“Are you racist or something?” Lambert and her friend asked the woman.

“Yes, I am,” she immediately answered.

The two women seem astonished at what the “Karen” is telling police they’re supposedly doing.

The woman can be heard saying, “They’re getting close to me and they’re already touching me.”

In the video, the two woman are not seen touching the “Karen.”

Man, where do I even start?

First, I’m not alone in seeing that this woman is a criminal, am I?

Because as far as I can tell, one of two things happened here; either Central Park Blacks-terminator tried to steal a Black woman’s charger, got caught in the act and defaulted into “Karen” mode in order to cover up her attempted robbery, or this racially-ambiguous-but-definitely-white-ish woman was stalking the park for Black targets to sick the cops on for no reason whatsoever. I’m just saying, Central Park Hate Crime was clearly living the “Karen” version of that thug life.

But, again, I’m not calling her a “Karen.” Karens are racists who typically deny their racism, but Central Park Third Reich appears to be quite proud of hers.

Now, the New York Police Department told the Sun Friday that “there is no complaint report on file for the incident,” so maybe Central Park Negro-be-gone was really on the phone with the cops and maybe she wasn’t, but she’s later seen approaching mounted police officers and claiming that the Black women were “threatening” her while the video shows that wasn’t the case.


“These two people are coming and threatening me and beating me that this is theirs,” Central Park False Police Report can be heard telling officers of the law. “I’m not going to give it to them unless they can prove it is theirs.”

“It’s a portable charger,” Lambert told the officers. “I was riding my bike and my portable charger fell and I turned around and she grabbed it and ran away with it. She said we were trying to beat her and called 911.”


Later in the video, Lambert said the officers made the woman return the charger, but the real question is: WHY TF ISN’T CENTRAL PARK PERJURY IN JAIL?

Central Park Terrorist is the reason New York and California lawmakers have proposed hate crime legislation in response to the actions of Cooper—who, by the way, is no longer charged in her attempt at triggering cop-on-Black crime—in order to hold these people accountable.


They’re more than just “Karens;” they’re dangerous to Black people and they need to be stopped.