Allison Michael Orenstein/the Image Bank/Getty Images
Allison Michael Orenstein/the Image Bank/Getty Images

In an age when casual sex is increasingly more common and riskier, a new iPhone app promises to keep you safe. MedXSafe allows users to wirelessly transfer their contact information and confirmed health status to other users. According to Clutch magazine:

Sexually Active Youngs have developed a new smartphone feature called "safe bumping" to help promote the importance of safe sex. Once the MedXSafe app is downloaded, users can bump their phones together to exchange their STD-free status and contact card.

To make sure the STD-free card is up-to-date, users can ask their doctors to confirm their status through the MedXSafe app. If a user tests positive for an STD, then no record will be shown to protect the user’s privacy.


What do you think? Are you ready to take your health into your own handheld device? Or do you think this app is simply encouraging behavior we should be trying to curb?

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