Never Lose Track of Your Luggage Again


(The Root) — It's happened to all of us at some point: You just landed at the airport, you're the last one at the baggage carousel and that sinking feeling starts to set in when you realize that your bag didn't make it to your destination. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the airline rep has no idea where your lost luggage might be and can't tell you when you might get it back. While there's no guarantee that this won't happen again, now there's a way to keep track of your bag until it's safely back in your hands.

Trakdot by GlobaTrac is a device that you keep in your bag so it can keep track of your bag's whereabouts. Using GSM technology, TrakDot will send you a text message or email when you land, letting you know that your bag also made it to the airport. If your bag gets lost, the device can tell you which airport it went to, making it easier for airline reps to locate and return it to you.


Trakdot runs on two AA batteries, which should last about two weeks, and the device will send you a notification when power is low. Trakdot costs $49.99, with a $8.99 one-time activation fee and a $12.99 yearly service charge.

With checked-bag fees getting higher every day and most folks opting to carry their luggage onto the plane, Trakdot might not be absolutely necessary for every trip. But for frequent travelers and international flights, this could be a lifesaver. According to statistics, approximately 25 million pieces of luggage are lost each year.

But just imagine needing to buy only a day's worth of clothing instead of a week's while on vacation. Or the comfort of knowing that all of those souvenirs you packed will actually make it back home. A little investment up front could save you a lot more down the road.

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