The 2-year-old Nebraska toddler who has become the center of national scrutiny after an Omaha police union posted a video of him swearing labeled "The Thug Cycle," will remain with his mother, a juvenile-court judge ruled on Monday, according to CNN.

Both the child and his 17-year-old mother will be placed with the same foster family after being removed from their home and placed in protective custody. The video gained Internet infamy, and an examination by the Omaha Police Department’s Child Victim Unit and the Nebraska Child Protective Services found safety concerns.

Just last week the young mother defended herself and the child, saying the behavior displayed in the video is not what she allows, and not how her son usually behaves himself.

"He's a smart little boy. All that cussing that he did, he doesn't do that," she said. "Somebody told him to do that. My son doesn't do that. I don't allow it.

"[The person who recorded the video] was wrong for doing that … posting the video up and getting us into this situation," she added. "Everybody that thinks I'm a bad mother, I'm not. I'm a good mother to my son. I teach him a lot. He's very smart."


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