NBA Player Lamar Odom Reportedly Used Crack Cocaine

Lamar Odom (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

NBA player Lamar Odom has had problems with drug use since the early days of his NBA career. But if TMZ reports are true, the problem could be more intense than the marijuana use to which he has admitted in the past. Odom could be addicted to crack cocaine.

TMZ broke the story … Lamar has gone off the rails with drug use … which is the principal cause of the crisis in his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.  As we reported Lamar went to a rehab facility a year ago this month and stayed for 3 weeks before bailing — and we're told the problem was crack.

Sources say Lamar's crack use was extreme before he went to rehab, but he cleaned up his act during the basketball season that just ended.  Sources say shortly after he hung up his jersey, he started again with a bang.


In 2001 Odom was suspended for violating the NBA's anti-drug policy. Though it was never disclosed publicly, Odom has gone on record and admitted he's smoked marijuana. When he was a child growing up in Queens, N.Y., Odom was cared for by his grandmother. Odom's mother died of colon cancer when he was 12, and his father was addicted to heroin.

Odom is married to Khloe Kardashian, the sister of Kim Kardashian. Together they starred in a reality show, Khloe & Lamar. He last played with the Los Angeles Clippers.


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