NBA Draft Prospect Teshaun Hightower Arrested in Connection With a Georgia Murder

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On April 19, 22-year-old Teshaun Hightower declared for the NBA draft. One week later, he found himself behind bars facing some very serious charges.


NBC News reports that Hightower was taken into custody in Henry County, Ga.. last Saturday in connection with the April 8 killing of Devante Long. Hightower was arrested alongside his brother Jeffrey, Tyreek Farmer and three other men, who are all facing charges for weapons, murder and aggravated assault. It’s alleged that after Farmer got into an altercation with Long earlier in the day and reportedly enlisted the help of Hightower and the four others to further confront him. Hightower faces an additional charge for misdemeanor battery for allegedly shoving Long’s girlfriend.

According to a warrant acquired by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Long’s girlfriend alleges that Hightower was the one who shot Long. “(The woman) said Teshaun pulled a turquoise and black handgun out of his pocket. (She) ran into the apartment and hid behind the wall next to the door.” The warrant states. Hightower’s lawyer, Averick Walker, told ESPN that his brother Jeffrey was the actual gunman. 

From ESPN:

“He’s innocent. He didn’t shoot anybody,” said Averick Walker, Teshaun Hightower’s attorney. “It’s sad that this detective sought to make him out to be a monster and he’s not. When it’s all said and done, it will come out in the wash that the person who did fire the gun shot the gun to protect Teshaun.

“Teshaun’s brother actually fired the weapon and fired in self-defense. The victim came out of the house with a gun in his hand and turned his weapon toward Teshaun to shoot him. That’s why the victim was shot himself.”

Hightower played guard for Tulane University in New Orleans. He was born in Lithonia, Ga., and played his first two seasons at the University of Georgia before transferring to Tulane during his junior year. During the 2019-20 season, Hightower led the Green Wave in scoring, averaging 15.9 points and 4.6 rebounds. He has been dropped from the team as a result of the arrest.

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“Teshaun’s brother actually fired the weapon...”

I’m sure the lawyer knows that you don’t have to fire the shot to be charged with murder, right? What kind of defense does he think this is? And, BTW, the whole self-defense defense is going to be extra hard given that they got their goon squad to go back over there hours later to confront the victim.

I mean, man, so you already have the perp at the scene of the crime and you’ve thrown his own brother under the bus.  Sounds like quite the lawyer.