Nazi Tears: Christopher Cantwell Arrested by FBI

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Photo: Vice News Tonight (AP)

The “Unite the Right” rally was one of the darkest moments in our countries recent history. The white nationalist rally took the life of 32-year-old Heather Heyer and left countless others injured and scarred. In some good news, one of the key figures behind that rally has been arrested.


According to NBC News, Christopher Cantwell has been arrested by the FBI and indicted on counts of extortion over interstate communications and threatening interstate communications. Cantwell is alleged to have sent threatening messages to a man in order to get personal information of a man he currently has beef with. He sent a message over Telegram to the man saying “So if you don’t want me to come and f—- your wife in front of your kids, then you should make yourself scarce.” Which, just, what?

Men like Cantwell seem to like to portray themselves as the toughest of the tough guys and then when hit with a little bit of pressure they fold. Cantwell himself embodies this notion. While he gained notoriety from the mad shit he was talking in the Vice documentary about the rally he is more notable for the video he uploaded of himself crying after finding out there was a warrant for his arrest.

Nazis, nothing but a bunch of crybabies and cowards. This isn’t Cantwell’s first run in with the law as he was charged with assault after pepper spraying protesters at the rally. Hopefully this will result in him crying his ass all the way into a jail cell. 

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Boy, he really did Nazi that coming, huh?

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