Nazi Meet Ya: Fox News Hires Former Trump Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka

 Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

At this point, it surprises no one that Fox News continues to hire a veritable all-star team of racists. Recent additions include Laura Ingraham, a woman who thinks undocumented immigrants who want to re-enter the country should be shot, and Tomi Lahren, who’s likened Black Lives Matter to the new Ku Klux Klan.


Well, take that racist casserole and add a side of Nazi—Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump’s former deputy assistant and a man who, coincidentally, has ties to a Nazi-allied group.


As Forward discovered earlier this year, Vitézi Rend, a far-right Hungarian group with strong Nazi ties, claimed that Gorka was a “sworn member.” Gorka also wore the group’s medal when he attended Trump’s inaugural ball in January. (Gorka denies having ever taken an oath of loyalty to the group.)

Gorka will join Fox as a “national security strategist,” according to ThinkProgress, despite the fact that, without his controversial Fox News appearances, counterterrorism and national security experts told Politico that they wouldn’t know who the hell he was:

“When I first encountered his name during the transition, I did a triple-take. I’ve been in counterterrorism since 1998, and I thought I knew everyone. But I’d never heard his name and couldn’t recall anything he’d written or said,” said Daniel Benjamin, who served as counterterrorism coordinator under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Really, Daniel? You couldn’t even compliment Gorka’s beautiful gowns?


It isn’t Gorka’s “expertise” that Fox News seeks as much as his reliable, you-can-set-a-Third Reich-clock-to-it Islamophobic and xenophobic views.

Peep the résumé, courtesy of ThinkProgress:

Sounds about white, which means it’s a perfect fit for Fox.

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Not only is Gorka a disgusting us vs. them, clash of civilizations, white nationalist with absolutely zero policy chops, his PhD is basically a forgery that, according to actual academics, probably should not have been awarded at all. The man is a racist hack with an authoritarian fetish.