National Action Network Calls for Review of All Cases Related to Ga. Cop Who Was Caught on Camera Saying, ‘We Only Kill Black People’

Cobb County, Ga., Police Lt. Greg Abbott was caught on police dashcam footage reassuring a white woman that she wouldn’t be shot because she’s not black. (WSBTV screenshot)

Cobb County, Ga., Police Lt. Greg Abbott may have retired in order to avoid any accountability for his inexcusable actions after being caught on camera saying, all casual-like, “Remember, we only kill black people.” However, the National Action Network is not quite through with him.


Youth Director Mary-Pat Hector and local chapter leader the Rev. Jeffrey Benoit plan to hold a press conference outside the civil rights organization’s Atlanta office Friday to call for a complete review of all of the Cobb County Police Department’s cases that were under Abbott.

NAN sent out a press release Friday announcing its intentions for the 2 p.m. conference. The organization plans to call not only for a review of all cases that were under Abbott but also for a complete review of misconduct by Cobb County police officers.


The organization is asking that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation take another look at all of Abbott’s stops and arrests to make sure that they were not racially motivated, and is also pushing for the Police Department to be one of the first in Georgia to mandate that officers go through intense diversity training.

“The Cobb County Police Department must respect the rights and dignity of the Black and Brown citizens they have sworn to serve and protect,” the press release read.


Abbott’s name went viral after he was seen on dashcam footage telling a white female passenger that she would not be harmed during a DUI traffic stop because police “only kill black people.”


The incident occurred last summer, but Abbott is only recently facing the music for his gross words.

When the woman insinuated that she was afraid to move her hands because she’s seen too many videos of police violence, Abbott responded, “But you’re not black. Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah. We only kill black people, right?”


The footage quickly went viral, prompting an internal investigation by the Police Department, which soon after announced its intentions to fire him. Abbott then quickly resigned before facing any real repercussions for his actions.

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