The NAACP has done alot of good, but I'm not confident that they have a useful purpose going forward. As I said on CNN the other night, the NAACP has some challenges with focusing. They seem to want to tackle everything at once, which ends up with them not tacling anything thoroughly. They boycott N-words and rappers, but they also gave R. Kelly an image award —- it's hard to tell sometimes if they are working for people of color or against them. The NAACP fancies itself as some kind of arbitor of blackness, but black folks don't have any real use for race games. Not at the prices the NAACP is charging.

Only 52% of all the money the NAACP raises goes towards programming — all the rest is spent on administrative overhead. God Bless Ben Jealous for trying to crystalize the NAACP'smission, but it seems like it would be cheaper if we all thought for ourselves.

Has the NAACP done anything for YOU lately?

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