Peeped this over on Slate. The Fiqh Council of North America has issued a fatwa on TSA's full body scanners.

The scanners, which have been promoted as a way of catching would-be bombers like Umar Abdulmutallab, have also been criticized as too invasive. The Transportation Security Administration claims the images they produce are more "chalk outline" than photograph, but those would be some detailed chalk outlines. The TSA also says images are deleted once a passenger has passed through screening. (British authorities said that too, but that didn't stop Heathrow Airport employees from having a little fun.) Right now, there are only 40 scanners at 19 U.S. airports, but TSA plans to install 900 more over the next two years. Passengers aren't required to walk through the scanners; Muslims, or anyone else, can request a different from of screening, including the "hand wand" and the "full-body pat-down."

What's your take on the full body scan?