MTV is a network whose shows go hand in hand with the word "criticism." But this may be one of the first True Life episodes that actually has a positive spin to it.

The network is currently casting for an African-American woman who is going from a weave to her natural hair.

Now, as many know, throughout the last few years, black women's dependence on what many call the "creamy crack" has declined as many find the advantages of going natural. The Chris Rock movie Good Hair also opened up the eyes of many to the damages that perming can do to their bodies.

Hair in the African-American community is both a sensitive topic and a big deal — from the expensive weaves to the countless hours spent in salons trying to get the "'do" right. If you've ever wondered where your mother, sister or wife is on those early Saturday mornings every week, it's the hair salon. 

Do you think this show has the potential to have a positive effect on African-American girls and young women, or do you see MTV messing this up somehow, someway?


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