Mr. Dalvin Confirms Jodeci Biopic Is Coming

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On the heels of the success of BET’s New Edition miniseries, The New Edition Story, it looks like its parent company, Viacom, sees that R&B biopics are the way to go when it comes to ratings.


According to Jodeci member Mr. Dalvin, a Jodeci biopic is in the works and will air on BET’s sister network VH1.

The series is going into production at the end of the month, with an end-of-the-year air date. There’s no word yet on who’ll star in the series.

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Man...I’m sure that this will be just as good as the New Edition one. But I wish they would make a good biopic that covered a bunch of these acts from the 90s. You do the Bad Boy biopic and you get Mary J, Jodeci, Puffy, Biggie, LOX, Usher, Ma$e, Faith, Making the Band(s),etc. Add in the Bad Boy beefs and you get Tupac, the WHOLE fucking west coast, RocAFella, Cam’rom and Dipset, etc. Then they can do a SoSoDef one, Murder Inc, and so on.

I just don’t need a granular,painstaking story of how Jodeci or H-Town or who the hell ever came up. Think that will water down this film genre. But you do the record label biopics (like Cadillac Records or something) you get the best parts of all these stories. Plus, think that will better show the impact of black music taking over pop in the 90s.

Never fucking mind, I’m making my own movie. None of ya’ll steal my ideas yo.