Moving on Up: 'Bed Intruder' Gives Dodson Chance for a New Life

Internet sensation Antoine Dodson
Internet sensation Antoine Dodson

Many have seen Antoine Dodson, the YouTube sensation who called out an attacker who attempted to rape his sister after climbing through her window. Dodson's colorful and angry response to a reporter's question about the attack sparked the Internet, resulting in more than 6 million views of the actual story and a song being made out of his words called the "Bed Intruder" song. The YouTube video went viral, and the rest is history. Dodson's song is now available on iTunes for $1.29, and he is selling T-shirts. Dodson plans to use the money to move the family out of the Huntsville, Ala., housing project where the crime occurred. Some are upset that people are using Dodson to promote stereotypes about blacks. Dodson says that he's determined to be empowered, not exploited, and this is a golden opportunity. Considering that a whole lot of black folks have made money shucking and jiving in front of cameras for a living, why shouldn't Dodson take this spontaneous moment to help better his life? Besides, people put that video out there to laugh at him because of his appearance and economic situation. Guess who got the last laugh?


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Check out one of the many versions of the "Bed Intruder" song on YouTube below: