talked with professional women from across the country— from a single working mother to a woman who’s delaying motherhood to focus on her career — to talk family planning choices. Each gives candid insight into their decisions, how their lives were changed and how they’re pursuing their career goals and advancement.



Summer Alexander, 33, CEO and Market Research Consultant, Summer Alexander Research


LIFE-CHANGING GROWING PAINS: When I found out I was pregnant at 17, I was completely shocked, terrified and extremely disappointed with myself. I thought I had ruined my life.

MOTHERHOOD CHALLENGES: My first daughter was born prematurely (1lb, 12 oz) and was hospitalized for the first  six months of her life in a hospital that was located two hours from my home. This meant I had to drop out of school my senior year. While my peers were planning for prom and graduation, I was praying next to an incubator that was housing my tiny daughter. Once she was released from the hospital she required 24-hour monitoring which meant initially that I was unable to return to school. Eventually I obtained my GED and graduated from college, but those first couple of years were filled with struggle. I later had another daughter, got married and had a son with my current husband.

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