Mother Who Lost Her 11-Year-Old to Stray Bullet at 1st Sleepover Speaks

Shaneetha Goodloe 
ABC 7 Screenshot

A teary Shaneetha Goodloe sat down with ABC 7 on Monday to talk about the shooting death of her daughter.

“Every morning I wake up and I cry for at least three hours. I just can’t believe it,” Goodloe told ABC on Monday.


Goodloe worked hard to keep her 11-year-old daughter, Shamiya Adams, from the realities of violence in Chicago’s Garfield Park neighborhood. She had recently moved from the area just a few months ago in order to get away from the violence in the neighborhood. Shamiya was visiting Garfield Park to attend a friend’s sleepover when she was killed by a stray bullet on Friday.

“For some reason I didn’t want her to go. But she begged me. I didn’t want to make her upset,” said Goodloe.

Before her death, Shamiya volunteered at her elementary school and was active in two local churches.

To those involved in her death, Goodloe has this to say: “If you know anything, you should say something; this was not for her. This was it for my child. She was not supposed to die from a bullet to her brain.”


There is an $8,000 reward for information about Shamiya’s death.

Read more at ABC 7.

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