Shamiya Adams
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Shamiya Adams' mother did all she could to protect her daughter and her twin brother.

According to CBS News, Shamiya's mother, Shaneetha Goodloe, was so unnerved by the persistent violence in Chicago that she forbade the 11-year-old and her brother from playing outside, saying that if Shamiya wanted to hang out with friends, it would have to be indoors.


"My granddaughter [Shaneetha] would cry every time she'd see a child killed on the news, [and] Shamiya was never just out," Shamiya's great-grandmother Lourene Miller told the news site.

Unfortunately, despite all of her mother's efforts, Shamiya was still a victim, even indoors. On Friday a bullet pierced the window of the first-floor bedroom of a friend's house, where the little girl was staying over for a slumber party. She was hit in the back of her head and rushed to the hospital in critical condition but was later pronounced dead. She was one of 22 shooting victims (two dead, 20 injured) over the weekend between Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning. 

"A great-grandmother should not have to bury their great-grandchild," Miller added. "This is some pain I can't even explain; it hurts so bad."

As of Sunday afternoon, no arrests had been made in the tragic shooting, and there were also no suspects that the police would identify. Authorities think that Shamiya was caught in the crossfire as someone aimed at a gang rival.


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