Mother of Off-Duty Police Officer Killed in Las Vegas Mass Shooting Dies the Same Weekend as His Funeral

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More tragedy has hit the family of one of the Las Vegas shooting victims. The mother of a victim killed in the mass shooting had a heart attack and died the same weekend that she buried her son.


According to CNN, 56-year-old Sheryl Stiles was the mother of Charleston Hartfield, an off-duty Las Vegas police officer who was killed in the mass shooting.

Hartfield was laid to rest on Friday. The very next day, Stiles had a heart attack while on the escalator at a local casino.


Family told KTLA-TV that she suffered brain damage as a result of the incident. She was ultimately taken off life support on Sunday, her cousin Cecil Ralston told the network.

Stiles’ brother, Lewis, said that his sister had high blood pressure and diabetes, two illnesses which run in the family, but that the grieving mother also had not been doing very well emotionally.


“She didn’t even talk to me [about how she was feeling], and I’m her brother,” Lewis Stiles told CNN.

The family is still waiting for an autopsy to be completed, but many loved ones believe that she died of a broken heart, noting her solemn behavior at her son’s funeral.


“She just kind of froze. She was standing there looking at me,” Stiles told KTLA.

Hartfield was one of 58 people killed Oct. 1 when a gunman opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival, an outdoor country music festival, from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel.


Hartfield, in addition to being a police officer, was also a Nevada Army National Guard sergeant first class and a youth football coach. Hartfield was off-duty and simply attending the concert at the time of the shooting.

He was Sheryl Stiles’ only child.

Read more at CNN and KTLA-TV.

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