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Montel Williams, who has suffered from multiple sclerosis for 10 years and uses marijuana to relieve his chronic pain, is canvassing the country in support of legislation that would make this practice legal. 

This week, the former talk-show host made an appearance in Maryland, and appealed to lawmakers in Delaware. Both states have recently introduced medical-marijuana legislation.


 From the Wall Street Journal:

'Marijuana may not work for everyone, but what it has done for me is it's given me my life back,' Williams said, his voice wavering as he tearfully spoke about his condition at a news conference.


Williams, a Baltimore native and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy blocks from the Maryland State House, said he has been living with neuropathic pain in his lower extremities, face and side for 10 years. Opiates, he said, don't work for him anymore.

He declined to comment on how he obtains the drug.

The legalization of medical marijuana may be controversial, but it doesn't seem to be among many politicians' top talking points these days. With health care, the economy and jobs dominating recent headlines, we'll be watching to see whether Williams' advocacy (not to mention his compelling personal story) will be enough to push more states to act on this issue.


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