Monica Shares the Importance of Friendship at the VMAs

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We all know at least one person who is able to be friends with everyone they come in contact with. If there’s a major life event, then this person is readily available to attend and, if they can’t make it, they’ll show their support in some other way. These people usually possess a magnetic personality that makes you want to be around them and share important life events with them.


In the entertainment industry, it would seem like Monica is that friend. She has been showing her love and support in many forms and is always uplifting someone.

“I always say that your relationships carry you throughout this life,” said Monica during the MTV Video Music Awards. In conversation with The Root, Monica spoke on the importance of friendship and stated that she “takes her relationships with her friends very seriously.” During our conversation, Monica touched on something I learned as an adult and that is to stop using the word friend so loosely. The older you get the more you realize that everyone doesn’t have your best interest at heart. A spirit of discernment is extremely important in those times because overestimating your place in someone else’s life is liable to get your feelings hurt.

“Missy Elliott has been in my life for over two decades,” said the R&B singer. Throughout their relationship Monica made it clear that Elliot has been a constant source of love and support. Given this fact, it was important for Monica to show up for her friend because “if you give that back, then your friendship can grow.”


Showing up is important when it comes to the people you call friends. Being a friend requires not only love, but also action. You have to show up for your people and make them feel that you truly care and appreciate the relationships that you have cultivated together.

If anything, Monica has shown us the importance of being a genuine friend through her entire career and we salute her for it.

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She is so beautiful inside and out!! Love her!