Money Bag, Money Bag, Money Bag: Cardi B Becomes 1st Co-Host of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Cardi B performs on The Tonight Show. 
Cardi B performs on The Tonight Show. 
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Our based hustle queen Cardi B continues to make money moves and collect her money bag and, in general, make history. On Monday night, the rapper, who just dropped her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, and confirmed her pregnancy, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, becoming the first official co-host in the history of the late-night show.


Cardi indeed showed up on set looking like a bag of money, poking some fun at Donald Trump in the opening monologue and sharing other jokes with Fallon.

“I’m the first late-night co-host that isn’t a white guy,” she quipped.

Cardi also clowned around with Fallon as they played the game “Box of Lies,” drawing delighted giggles from the audience.

We all know Cardi has a sense of humor and does not shy away from it, and all of that came through as she explained some of her famous catchphrases (okurrrrtt).


We all also know that Cardi stays promoting herself (our based hustle queen, I tell you) so of course she found enough time between all of this to perform “Money Bag” off her new album. And sis came through dripping in a black bodysuit, loaded up in gold chains, all belly and all talent.

Sheesh, this woman stays winning. Looks like 2018 is setting up to be Cardi B’s year once again.

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