AP: Obama Announces Plan to Cut Tax Loopholes

AA: Zimbabwe: Mukanya Revisits Chimurenga Classics

CBS: Malawian Dad Opposes Madonna Adoption

FOX: First Family May Vacation in Martha's Vineyard

NWS: Doctors Warn Skin Cancer is Equal-Opportunity Disease

SFC: Senators Want Obama to Look Beyond Fed. Bench for Souter Replacement

TR: Black Youth Shunning Baseball

BET: LeBron James Named NBA MVP

ABC: Diversity, Not Politics, Key to Court Pick

AP: Civil Society Urges Obama to Pursue New Peace Strategy in Darfur

NO: Killer Says Black Muslims Ordered Him to Kill Editor

NYT: Tracing the Threads that Join Africa and America

Gallup: Major Gain in Blacks' Rating of Their Standard of Living

VTH: Vallejo Black Leaders Make Juneteenth Special in '09

EW: NBC Creates Diversity-Driven Short Film Fest

NO: 4th Grader Questions Condi on Torture

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